Growing up in North America has been a huge privilege

I learned to be grateful for the modern infrastructures as I make my way through selected cities in Asia and Southeast Asia. Currently in Chiang Mai, I learned that toilet paper cannot be flushed because the sewage system is not designed for it. You will find a hose and a garbage bin beside the toilet. … Continue reading Growing up in North America has been a huge privilege


Self-reflection on the meaning of my work

What is the meaning of my work? I want to help make this world a better place Organizations and corporations, for profit or non-profit, are groups of people who put their brains and hands together to achieve a goal. Some of them truly want to do good. Some of them are after the money, benefiting … Continue reading Self-reflection on the meaning of my work

I start the day by counting my blessings

It's important for you to get into the habit of acknowledging the small wins in life. The reason is it could help you build confidence and a positive mindset to tackle life. A majority of the people experiencing depression thinks and talks about their mistakes, regrets, or their misfortunes, while completely ignores the positive encounters. … Continue reading I start the day by counting my blessings

Don’t envy us, we’re lonely

Being 11383 kilometers away from home right now, we want to see the world! Learn about the many cultures. Try the authentic cuisines. Observe the life of the people. Attempt to speak the language and watch the locals smile. We are 11383 kilometers apart from our friends. We catch up online occasionally, but our friendships … Continue reading Don’t envy us, we’re lonely

Beat insomnia with bedtime meditation

Insomnia has bothered me for most of my life. In the recent months, I have practiced meditation and it has worked wonderfully! My bedroom is dark and quiet. The temperature is cool, around 21-22 degree Celsius. With my eyes closed, I imagine an outdoor scene by the ocean. I begin painting the mental picture by … Continue reading Beat insomnia with bedtime meditation